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Mythology, by definition comes as a superior creation molded and created to manipulate human destinies. They say that the earliest astrologer saw signs from the Moon, the Sun, and the Stars and other heavenly bodies as sources of mystical energies.

With that said, today’s generation studies and interprets these kinds of mythologies leaning towards different beliefs. Gods and Goddesses have emerged along with guardian angels whom people believe to be their unique and powerful friend who can guide them their entire lives.

For people who love to believe in such divine personalities covered by bright lights which they call angels. These angels then guide them towards a successful and happy life. The things below will help you gain instant access to find your mythical guardian angels inclining your superstitious beliefs.

What Is This Product All About?

A lot of people who can read the future often employ the stars and other heavenly bodies to deliver strong messages about their fate. Guardian angels often are part of these beliefs. These beings often provide safety, fortune, good health, or anything positive in their lives.

Since the times are moving on and technology is now a basic commodity, websites that deal with such beliefs exist. These websites will give you instant access and immediate answers to your queries of who may be your possible guardian angels.

Lastly, a discounted website that deals with these kinds of beliefs gives you a full description of your possible guardian angels. It’s easy to use because you only need to put your birth name, date of birth, and your birth initials.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

A website named WhoAreMyGuardianAngels is a website that deals with archangel names created by The Liz and Ric Personalized Archangel Reports. They are known to be the best authors for Entrepreneurial, Balancing Business, Family, and Lifestyle books.

According to AuthorsReviews.com, Liz & Ric Thompson always does their best when it comes to any publications and website they wrote. They provide generic illustrations placing an in-depth interest which produce facts which will be convenient for all reader and followers.

Also, Liz & Ric are authors that provide straight to the point ideas in any book or blog they write. AuthorsReview.com also cited Liz & Ric’s write-ups as an ideal publication found at any given marketplace.

What Is Included In The Program?

The website “WhoAreMyGuardianAngels” identifies three angels differently such as an Akashic Archangel, a Life Path Guiding Angel, and your personal Guardian Angel. It delivers a more personalized content based on the three identified guardian angels.

Moreover, each guardian angel generated includes a full description on the ideas on how you can best communicate with them. The website also offers tips so that any positive changes come to you more often.

Lastly, the main feature of the website should be the details of who your guardian angels and what they’re going to be in your life. It also comes with an MP3 meditation which comes in deeper visuals and audio. An updated email is also generated once a week, and members get the latest messages from their angels.

How Does It Work? Is It A Scam?

A lot of speculations tell that Who My Guardian Angels Are should be a scam; however, it doesn’t appear to be one. Always be reminded that it is a website for guidance and expectations must be needed realistically.

Remember that the derivation of your guardian angels names comes from your birth name, date of birth, age, and initials. So, based on the said following factors, the name of your guardian angels comes out right away.

Thus, this website does not forcibly ask you to provide the details it’s asking if you feel that it’s a scam. As stated, everything that comes out of the website should only be a guide, and it depends on your discretion if you follow it or not.

List of Pros

Here are the significant benefits that this website will give every spectator.

  1. You may discover at least three archangels who have been watching you since the day you were born.
  2. Unlike any other website which gives out vague answers, the site only focuses with three archangels which include their description, how they will help you, and what guidance they must bring to your life.
  3. It includes personal messages from your archangels sent to your email weekly. The letters include points of inspiration and what should you do to make your life more meaningful.
  4. It also includes three accurate archangel reports and what they tell you about your life.
  5. An exact invocation and prayer are inserted to have a personal connection with your angels.
  6. The MP3 Archangel Meditation Cathryn feature which has records of high music helps you connect more spiritually with your dedicated archangels.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Ideally, everyone who has a belief for a higher faith is perfect for WhoAreMyGuardianAngels. As long as you have a birthday, then you may always use the website to know your guardian angels name. Most people like researchers, counselors, therapists, philosophers, spiritualists, etc. can dig into these sites too.

Does The Product Work?

Based on website and customer feedbacks, WhoAreMyGuardianAngels.com works because of its affordability. It comes with a free 7-day trial along with updated service messaging which means that you won’t have to go their website to update your trial expiration date.

Also, once you purchase the product, it comes with a discreet billing system. People who want the guidance of their archangels develop a strong belief in them. These beliefs are strong because a lot of people notice the positivity of it in their daily lives.


As an avid fan and a passionate reader of such beliefs, newsletters, and blogs, WhoAreMyGuardianSngels is a great source of massive, positive guidance, and inspiration to make your life more meaningful.

The specific list of three personal Guardian Angels along with their description, prayers, and inspirational messages give every reader to the possibility of seeing life in a more positive way. Everyone will have the chance to have a clear-cut vision of their future.

In conclusion, this website will be excellent for everyone who has lost their ways especially on how to deal with life in difficult times. On the contrary, bear in mind that this website brings you inspiration and guide and does not dictate your future or what will happen to your life.

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