The Instant Switch Reviews

If you are currently going through hardships, feeling defeated and demotivated, like life has taken a beating out of you, or even if you’re just someone who is wanting to improve your quality of life and looking for the true purpose of your existence, this easy to read, step by step guidebook is for you.

This book does not just contain information on the power of attraction; it is also about how to remove blockages that hinder that power.

In 60 seconds you will be able to gain new insight on how you will be able to attain a state a greater self- awareness and unlock your mind’s full potential, releasing old habits and thought patterns and gaining new perspectives leaving you feeling recharged, rejuvenated and hopeful about living a truly self-fulfilling life and redesigning your own real life fairy tale happy ending.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Sandy Gilad, the author of “The Instant Switch” recounts her personal journey, beginning with her divorce that left her broke on the verge of homelessness, and the spiral downwards from there.

Her awakening came from the smallest, most unimaginable place; a child whom she had helped overcome depression and sadness reminded her that she ought to change the channel, a phrase which she’d very often used as encouragement to others but had somehow forgotten to apply it to her personal life.

From there on out, things changed drastically for her. With her conscious mind in check, she managed to get out of her rut and change her life around.

With the goal of making manifestation possible for everyone, she eventually published this guidebook, with the belief that if she could do it, so could everyone else; they just needed a little guidance and direction.

What Is Included In The Program?

In The Instant Switch, you can find short 60-second excerpts for easy digestion and reading that can be carried out whenever you have the time.

The program covers several techniques on topics like, audio simulation, mind reset techniques, ways to get rid of old habits and patterns and also includes success stories from well know celebrities and public figures and many more.

The Instant Switch retails for $67.00 but for a limited time period, Sandy Gilad’s book The Instant Switch will be available at a very low price of $47.00.

And if that isn’t enough, her second book called “The Instant Switch Success Accelerator”, which retails for $27.00, will be added as a complimentary bonus for you to further enhance your success.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The Instant Switch does not literally refer to a physical on/off switch but more so regarding the hidden switch that resides inside the mind.

Science has long argued that certain pathways, habits and behavioral patterns, once matured and developed inside your mind, will inhabit you permanently.

The evidence scientists often use in the past, are case studies of felons, drugs addicts and smokers. This is however, untrue.

Modern science, with the use of high tech brain scans, depicts otherwise. What is needed is the abandonment of old habits; neuro pathways as the old scientists refer to them as, and the creation of new links to open up the mind and expose, to the mind, the greatness the Universe has to offer.

This is what she describes as the Magical Pink Rubber Bank, referring to the mind as being adaptable and possessing the ability to be bent, stretched and twisted.

It could be that certain people need a bigger push, or simply from the fact that they have no idea where to begin, this is where The Instant Switch comes in.

It breaks down the cause and effect and targets the root of the problem coupled with step by step, easy to read techniques and guidance on a better understanding of yourself and how to best, in your own personal way, overcome those obstacle, change the channel, and attract positivity into your life.

Sandy Gilad guarantees that you will be able to harness the power and absorb the positivity derived from the techniques and methods in her book.

To demonstrate her confidence in her techniques, an on-going 60-day Money Back Guarantee has been put in place.

For anyone who feels that the program isn’t effective and are unable to apply her techniques and methods, they will be able to enjoy the book for a risk-free period of 60-days.

List of Pros

  • $150.00 discount. Pay only $47.00 and receive “The Instant Switch” and “The Instant Switch Success Accelerator”, which, together, retails for a total of $197.00.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Personal success stories from well know celebrities and public figures
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Step by step guidance on how to get to where you want to go.
  • Short 60-second excerpts for on-the-go reading
  • Testimonials from past readers, outlining in detail how and in what area this program has helped them in.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

This product is ideal for This product is ideal for everyone. Whether you’re looking for motivation and guidance on how to detach yourself from your current predicament, or whether you are living a very monotonous, stagnant life

This book will allow you to open your mind to the greater Universe, provide you with a different perspective and allow you to discover your true purpose, or what Oprah Winfrey refers to as your “true north”, allowing you to live a more content, self-fulfilled life.

Does The Product Work?

There are plenty of testimonials and personal success stories from individuals who have benefited from reading, understanding and incorporating the techniques and methods suggested in the book.

The author has received numerous messages of gratitude and thanks for being able to help turn people’s lives around.


If you’re looking for hope, motivation and guidance on how to attain a state of self-contentment and fulfillment in your life, this book is for you.

It is a good read, easily digestible and can be segregated into smaller parts. The book introduces news perspectives and insights that you may have never been exposed to.

If you are interested in unleashing your hidden talents and attracting positivity in your life, this book comes highly recommended.

The proven success of the book is apparent, based on the numerous testimonials from people who have previously purchased the book.

If the minimal price tag fails to attract you, there is always the 60-day Money Back Guarantee that ought to clear any doubts that IF somehow, you are not, in anyway moved or affected by this book, and find this product inapplicable to yourself, you will not stand to gain and not make any loss.

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