The Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program Reviews

It’s an online program which was designed so that it could offer vital skills which are needed to start your own self-sustaining rewarding career.

One can take this program at any time that you wish and you think that you have enough time for you to complete your program. As part of the program you will get 100-page ebook and 30 online video lessons.

Who is the author or creator?

The creator of the program is Dr. Steve Jones who is a clinical hypnotherapist expert and had worked for 25 years as a counselor assisting people in developing a positive change about their lives.

He wrote this program with life coach master known as Mike Litman. The program has been scheduled to take about 2 months with video tutorials and more than 100 pages’ guide which is geared to equipping you with all important skills which can make you an expert coach.

What is include in the program?

The Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program by Dr. Steve G. Jones comes with more than 30 instructional videos which you can download from the website.

This videos are able to run about 10 hours. In this videos you will know the meaning of a life coach and how he/she is different from a mentor or counselor.

A life coach is able to offer grounds for other people to listen to the inner spirits which can be accomplished by asking queries which will increase the wisdom in this individuals.

When it comes to life coaching, an individual will get data within himself/herself and the life coach will be assisting the client to reflect himself and be able to get undiscovered truth.

It’s also different from having a therapy since it does not heal the past wounds but it focuses of building the future of the client.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

In this program you will be exposed to various life coaching topics beginning from the life coaching basics. Some of the topics which are covered in this program are: Life coaching basics

• The business value of taking life coaching
• Personal value of getting life coaching
• The advantages of taking life coaching
• Benefits of having good communication
• Developing an intuition
• How you can develop a client business success technique
• How you can design a client training program depending on the given objectives.
• Learning the tips of motivating the clients.

This program does not stress on of getting a life coaching certification but it reveals elements which will make you to start your own personal business and advertise your business on the main media channels.

After you are done with the training you can begin telling other people about what you have achieved and how good you are.

You can start slowly by giving out business cards and also offer some free introductory classes as the best way of marketing.

After a certain time, you learn of the things that you can do when your business has grown. For example, you can start thinking of using a website for your business, using social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram. With this program, you will be assured of becoming your own boss.

List of pros

i) Easy to follow

The best thing about this program is that Dr.Steve G Jones had made sure that you able to understand all the facts. All the items are explained well and also the graphics are well referenced and situated in the program.

In addition to this, the self-study format in this program allows one to set out his/her own timeframe that he/she will be comfortable to take it.

Therefore you will not be forced to quit your job. Even the busy schedules of family issues cannot limit you from undertaking it so that you can achieve your target.

ii) Written well

Currently, you will find many ebooks to be written terribly and sometimes the writers does not concentrate on the main idea.

In the case of a fast-track life coaching certification program, the data has been arranged well with the content being crafted well.

Dr.Steve G.Jones has done a great job of ensuring that the data which is displayed is up to date and also relevant to you.

Everything has been demonstrated well Due to easy guidelines and depth of information given, any person is able to consider looking at this program.

iii) You can be refunded

In case you are a beginner and you realize that this program does not fit, whichever reasons that you may have, you are still allowed to fill out a claim for a refund.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

All people can take a look at the program regardless of the age, so long they are able to read and have goals that they wish to achieve in life.

Does the product work?

By undertaking the Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification Program by Dr. Steve G. Jones one be assured of laying down the best strategies of becoming the most successful life coach in this world.

This program has all the things which are needed to transform an individual into a self-motivated life coach. This program has been helpful to many clients who have looked at this.

So many of them have written testimonies on how they have been able to be independent by starting their own businesses after they looked at this programs. No singles personal has revealed that this program was not helpful to him/her.


The actual program contains so many advanced life changing concepts in addition to those that are mentioned above.

Usually, this program costs $675, but for the sake of the interested candidates, you can buy the Fast track life coaching certification program at $77.

This will enable you to save about 89% of your money. Moreover, at the end of the program, any registered participants who may feel that they have not benefited from the program can claim their money through the guaranteed program.

If you have never looked at this program it’s high time that you look at this.

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