Joe Vitale’s Law of Attraction Practitioner Certification Reviews

Law of Attraction philosophy states a person can bring out positive or negative experiences in their life by shifting focus from the negative to the positive and vice versa.

This belief focuses on the ideology of pure energy, and that like energy attract like energy and can help heal a person’s physical health, wealth and personal, professional relationships with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

This Certificate course is a remote self-improvement course designed to help unleash one’s inner self, experience deep positive changes and also expand awareness about yourself and your surroundings.

About the Course:

This is a full program in graduate training and elevates you and prepares you into teaching the knowledge it contains with fellow students. The certificate course includes valuable instructions, insights, key knowledge from its creators.

  • The course will guide you through the nuances of Law of Attraction and how you can benefit from it.
  • It will allow you to learn how to propagate this knowledge to others that learn under you.
  • The course comes in a series of 5 eBooks that can be downloaded on any digital device, be it a computer, tablet or laptop. You can read and learn from it at your own pace.
  • The coaching can be completed in a span of 3 weeks or done leisurely over a whole year, as per your suiting, meaning, you have complete control over its course and can access it from where you want to.

About the Creators

The course has been created by Dr. Joe Vitale, top selling author and life laws practitioner and Dr. Steve G. Jones, author and NLP Expert.

Dr. Joe Vitale is the author of several best-selling books on self-improvement and is living proof of having transformed his own life-state with the power of Law of Attraction. Dr. Joe’s work has led him to appear in feature films such as “The Secret”.

He has also worked for national TV for the show The Big Idea alongside Donny Deutsch and Larry King Life. His first book, Zen and the Art of Writing was published in 1984.

The Attractor Factor was his first bestselling book (2005) and spoke of 5 easy steps for creating wealth (or anything else) from the inside out.

Dr. Steve G. Jones is a veteran in the self-help diaspora and a certified clinical hypnotist with a combined experience of 20 years.

He has experience in teaching students of hypnosis and has worked with a score of clients. Steve has also served as the BOD of the American Lung Association.

He is the founder of American Alliance of Hypnotists and is a member of National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotists, National Guild of Hypnotists and International Registry of Clinical Hypnotists among several other assocations.

Dr. Steve’s work has led him to feature on television on CNN, and a contract is being worked on for Dr. Steve’s TV series based on hypnosis.

Contents of the Program

Towards the end of the course, you will

  1. Learn the role that thoughts and emotions play in identifying roadblocks to your success
  2. Make deeper connections between your thoughts, needs and what you actually receive from the Universe
  3. Be able to unleash the power to control and focus your thoughts towards creating and receiving your desires in life
  4. Gain the wisdom to avoid making common errors in achieving your desires
  5. Learn the concept of magnetism through Law of Attraction.
  6. Understand why law of attraction is the primal force of life
  7. Enabling elimination of emotional blocks that drive you away from your desires.

It is a spiritual and self-help course that will help you understand yourself better and also help you in capitalizing your strengths, improving on your weaknesses and channeling your emotion, thoughts and ideas in a positive manner. In all, this will ultimately shape your personality and transform you.

How does it Work?

One would ideally expect to be taught the program in a conventional classroom environment with an instructor physically present.

The conventional setting would however not be practical for a wider audience, other than those residing within the city boundaries. Hence, the online route, as it is a viable alternative in meeting today’s needs.

It is an online training course, which allows one to complete the test at their own time and pace.

The time range is flexible, given the wide range between a minimum completion time of three weeks and a maximum completion time of one year.

One can also register to the course at any time, as there are no fixed registration schedules. You are also encouraged to find yourself a compatible companion to study and practice the techniques learned on different people.

The Pros of the Program

  1. Taught by experienced and qualified experts
  2. Can register and start anytime
  3. Can complete the course at own time and pace
  4. Flexibility incompletion: minimum three weeks to maximum one year
  5. Upon graduating, one receives lifetime support from the Global Sciences Foundation
  6. The certification has worldwide recognition
  7. The course is sufficient to practice The Law of Attraction

Who is the Course Suitable for?

Any individual above the age of 18 can enroll in the course. You need not have a background in the course and there are no prerequisites are required to enroll for the course.

Ideally, the course is suitable for those looking to practice Law of Attraction and master the concept at a level to teach others. There is no advanced degree, such as bachelors or masters required, this course is sufficient by itself.

The course is also suitable for beginners having with no prior requisites unleashing the Law of Attraction and not looking to teach the course to anyone else but for their own personal motive, as the course is likely to add personal value by helping to completely transform your life.

Does the Product Work?

Whether the product works or not varies from person to person as it basically depends on the discrepancy between reality (what is really possible) and expectations (what practitioners and clients expect from it).

If you’ve ever wondered about the real effectiveness of “The Secret”, that is, in other words, the concept of “Controlling the Mind” with the use of a mentally activated force, the only way to know whether this program is likely to work or not, is to try it.

The primal issue, however, is the tendency for users and practitioners is to overestimate the extent of the outcomes and results of such programs.

The crux of “The Secret” was that if one constantly visualizes something that they want in their minds, they will get it in their real lives.

But however, in reality, the visualization needs to be used as a motivation and hard work and efforts need to be put in to achieve the desires in real life.

Secondly, the program will give the users and practitioners the wisdom to not make common errors and also the wisdom to understand the correct moves to make and in what direction, in order to achieve the desires.

But, however, this goes without saying that, hard work and efforts are inevitable and that one needs to put in the work to achieve it in real life.


The course is definitely worth trying and pursuing, given that it allows one to experience deep positive changes and also transform their lives.

It enables one to understand themselves better. The course would provide one with the wisdom on how to attain their desires by pointing them in the right direction and help them focus better by eliminating any mental and emotional blocks and also help in avoiding making the common mistakes.

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