Total Money Magnetism Reviews

The unfortunate fact is millions of Americans will never have the financial freedom they have always dreamed of, and according to Total Money Magnetism, the reason for this goes far beyond career choice and current economic status.

This highly insightful system is designed to help everyday people better understand the factors that determine long-term financial success, and thinking more positively is only the beginning.

Total Money Magnetism teaches that a successful life requires a successful mindset, not just positive thoughts, and in order to become a millionaire you must first think and act like a millionaire. Easier said than done, right? Not with Total Money Magnetism.

What Is This Product All About?

The first point that Total Money Magnetism makes is that it’s entirely possible to ensure your financial fate with your mindset.

A rich mind will become rich while a poor mind will always be poor, and the system outlines methods of eliminating self-sabotaging beliefs from out thought process for good, enabling us to make more beneficial decision for our long term future.

Total Money Magnetism not only guides to through the process of transforming your mindset into one of the economic success, but can also show you how to apply the secret success principles of the ultra-wealthy to your everyday life.

It also details the benefits of neuroscience technology and hypnosis in building a successful mindset as well as providing direction for creating wealth-building relationships with friends, colleagues, business associates and perfect strangers.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

Total Money Magnetism was created by Dr. Steve G. Jones, a renowned financial expert who overcame an extremely difficult childhood to become a true success.

Dr. Jones lost his mother to cancer and his father to alcoholism at a relatively early age, giving him a unique perspective on the extended effects of the challenges that face poor people.

However, after meeting with an old college friend who had become a millionaire in the years since graduation, Dr. Jones was able to identify the traits that fostered his success and apply them to his own life.

This perspective shift had immediately tangible effects on his life, as he was able to parlay it into 59,000 US dollars in sales at his job within the first two weeks.

Following this initial success, Dr. Jones was eventually able to develop a system to help others understand the mentality of financial success, and today major companies even seek his expertise to boost the motivation and potential of their sales staff.

Since that fateful coffee shop meeting, Dr. Jones has appeared in Forbes as well as CNN, NBC, CBS and other media outlets to spread this revolutionary knowledge.

What Is Included In The Program?

Included with the 152 page Total Money Magnetism eBook is a set of 6 exclusive audio tracks that can accelerate your rise to sustained financial success.

These audio tracks were personally engineered by Dr. Steve G. Jones to help users of the system condition their mind for optimal outcomes and making positivity a default state of mind instead of a series of fleeting, wishful thoughts.

The Total Money Magnetism system also contains a video featuring interviews with actual self-made millionaires, allowing users to gain a deeper understanding of their common traits.

Dr. Jones’ system also includes an online marketing video course hosted by high-profile internet marketing millionaire Mark Ling as well as a collection of hypnosis tracks that can help practically anyone rewire their brain for financial success by destroying attitudes that limit your potential.

The Total Money Magnetism system also includes access to the specially developed “Amazing Self” program for 30 days at absolutely no extra cost, and together these system elements form a comprehensive resource for lasting and profitable self-improvement.

How Does It Work?

Total Money Magnetism is an online retraining resource that helps everyday people understand the “secret neuroscience of millionaires,” promoting the thoughts and behaviors employed by the most successful minds in various industries.

By understanding the critical differences between a rich mind and a poor mind, users can work to transform their mentalities to achieve the financial success they deserve.

List of Pros

  • A Revolutionary Approach- The existence of rich and poor mindsets has long been a secret of the most powerful men, but Dr. Jones’ system opens this knowledge to everyday individuals aspiring to success.
  • Comprehensive Resources- The complete Total Money Magnetism system comprises a range of audio and video content, giving users multiple means of absorbing this valuable knowledge.
  • Total Transformation- This system can completely change the way you see and interact with the world, offering you access to the perspectives of proven success.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The Total Money Magnetism system was created for everyday people who have long aspired to greater things in life but have never had the proper guidance to building a successful lifestyle.

This system can show you how to tailor your thoughts, attitudes and actions to long-term success, creating wealth building relationships with other people as well as money itself.

Does The Product Work?

Total Money Management is engineered for immediate tangible results. With a complete understanding of the concepts outlined and careful adherence to the principles outlined, the secrets to success are effectively open to everyone.

In my opinion, there is no better resource on the market for highlighting the critical differences between consistently successful people and the everyday 9-5 worker.


Total Money Magnetism is bound to put the spark of curiosity within people suffering though their everyday lives with limited prospects, and the concepts detailed in the system are illuminating to anyone who has ever been in the dark about how to create real lasting wealth.

The system was able to change my thought process for the better just during the testing phase, and I can not wait to see how it will affect my everyday life as I continue to put it into practice.

I definitely recommend Total Money Magnetism to anyone looking to improve the quality of their life for good.

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