The Cosmic Energy Bank Reviews

Cosmic Energy Bank allows you to discover who you are and what the universe has in store for you through numbers.

The numbers used are the ones you come across every day in your life. Each number translates to a message. The message comes from the universe; it explains who you are and your purpose.

The numbers can also predict your future, lets you know what you will be or what you need to do. The universe is always communicating to you; it sends coded messages through numbers.

To understand the message, you have to decode the numbers. Cosmic Energy Bank helps to achieve this.

The term “Cosmic Energy Bank” comes from the energy drawn from the numbers presented to you by the universe.

The numbers don’t just have secret message encoded into them but also store an energetic charge. When you come across an encoded number, you feel a charge running through your body.

The charge is believed to come from the universe, hence the phrase Cosmic Energy. When you feel this charge, it is an indication that the number has a message form the universe.

The universe acts like a bank, storing your messages; when you decode the message, it is like you are withdrawing from the cosmos.

Who Is the Author or Creator?

Liz & Ric Thompson founded the site where you can access your Cosmic Energy Bank. The concept of Cosmic Energy has been around for thousands of years.

In the past, People used Astrology to access deep messages about themselves and their future. Some used Chinese Astrology which involved the moon, and some used the Western Astrology, which was more spiritual.

The site combines the two; you will get the message from the universe from both the lunar and the spiritual concept. It combines the lunar and solar calendars to decode numbers which translate to a message.

The number can be your date of birth, which you feed into the calculator, and a message will be presented to you.

Since you cannot translate the message on your own, the site does it for you. It combines all the messages from the cosmos and arranges them in a way you will understand.

What Is Included in The Program?

When you sign up as you member, you get access to the Cosmic Energy Bank. Here you can be able to have your message translated for you.

You might find yourself to be drawn to certain numbers such as 111, 888, or 666. When you access the site, you are allowed to click on such figures and derive the message from the universe.

You also get to access the energy stored in these numbers. The site will guide you and give you instructions on how to download your stored energy from the universe into your body.

As a member, you get access to two more energy banks; the Zodiac & Dragon Energy Banks. The Zodiac Energy Bank uses a combination of Astrological energy and Reiki energy.

It has twelve sessions of sign interpretation, which can be combined or done separately. The Dragon Energy Bank uses Reiki to access Dragon energy bank for healing and protection. It connects you to the white, pearl, and Jade Dragon power.

As a member, you can have several healing sessions which you can attend as often as you wish. The session will cost you $19 every month.

As a new member, you get a 7-Day free trial service for all the three Energy Bank accounts. All you need to do is purchase their Astrology Report which cost only $7.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The site acts as a translator, which decodes messages from numbers. When the universe sends you a message, it does so in the form of numbers.

Maters then translate the numbers. There are nine known masters who can translate the messages sent to us by the universe.

They can understand what the number code means. The masters can decode the message for us to see and also download the energy associated with it.

You can send numbers like the date of your birth or a lucky number; you will be presented with an answer from the universe. Most people believe in the power of the cosmos, but you can be the judge of that by trying it out.

Pros of Cosmic Energy

  1. It creates a sense of awareness.
  2. It offers spiritual protection.
  3. Allows you to manifest goals.
  4. The healing relieves discomfort and pain.
  5. It improves focus and concentration.
  6. Gives answers to some questions one usually asks about themselves.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for The Product?

The ideal candidate for this program is anyone who searches for answers. At times you find yourself asking questions and not finding the answer.

You feel like you there is an answer out there, but no one is providing you with one. You may also want to know your purpose in life, what the future has in store for you.

The cosmos can provide you with the answer that you need. It will answer your deepest questions that run in your head, open your mind to greater possibilities.

If you, however, are not ready to accept new changes, believes and ideas in your life, then the program isn’t for you.

Does the Program Work?

Taping energy from the cosmos works depending on the methods you use. The right program will help you achieve spiritual healing and unlock the answers of the universe.

The translation needs to made by a professional, a Master. The wrong type of translation will yield false results. You will need the right tools and people to guide you on how to connect to the universe.


Accessing the Cosmic Energy Bank does improve one’s life. It is a source of happiness and peace as you get to unlock the power of the universe.

For those who battle with the question they can’t answer and those who seek to know their purpose in life, Cosmic Energy may be the answer.

To know for sure if it works, why not try it yourself. Enroll in the right program to yield better results.

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