Seven Minute Mindfulness Reviews

Any active human life is marked by a series of daily activities that can be rather stressful on the bearer, and since the human body does not possess any stress absorbing mechanism, it is natural for it to fight back and withdraw.

Leading to mental, physical as well as emotional relapse and deterioration. This often times than not also includes illness as well as negative thoughts that allows the bearer to lash out at the slightest instance due to an emotional imbalance.

All these is dependent however on the powers of the human mind. There was a point in human history when man knew next to nothing about the mind and its limitless abilities, disciplines such as philosophy and psychology focusing attention on the mind-body relation and what it could actually mean as well as imply for the person involved.

Today however, there have been means devised to allow practically anyone invoke the abilities of the mind as well as its contents; thoughts.

To unleash this ability therefore, the program called “The Seven Minute Mindfulness Audio Program” allows people to access their mind, to enable it to be free as well as empty of all notions of stress.

This unleashes a relaxing sensation all through the body that allows calmness as well as a soothing feeling on the person.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The author of the product is Scott Mason who was an accident victim that employed meditative techniques as a successful healing procedure.

What Is Included In The Program?

The product is a simple and time effective meditation exercise that uses just 7 minutes to delve into the extents of calmness that the mind can achieve and explore it to the surface.

It helps people to clean their mind and so live a happier life. It includes some exercises and techniques that expunges all traces of stress and strain from the mind and the body.

The 7 minutes include meditation sessions that help to relieve pressure and strain, making use of deep relaxation music, time as well as some binaural audio tunes to allow mental rest and physical calmness to sooth the body.

The product comes with additional tracks that assist the mind in achieve pure and solemn state of peace and
mental solitude.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The human mind has the ability to achieve feats that are bordering on impossible, but this can only be achieved if the potential of the mind can be actualized.

The negative emotions that cloud many of our daily routines however disallows this, thus the very first thing to do before being able to accomplish this achievement is to clear the mind of all and any thoughts, positive and negative alike.

The meditation procedures that were highlighted in the system are relatively simple and rather easy to follow. One does not have to sit in a specific “awkward” position, instead to ensure that the mind is cleared of all thought, and it does not involve any extra physical pressure or effort.

For the fact that it only required users to lie back, connect a headset or earpiece, and listen to soothing revelations implies that even people who are disabled and considered to be handicapped can make productive use of it.

Just to ensure effectiveness, it applies modern technology as well, making good use of the brain wave synchronization-research and its conclusion that solemn and serene music can influence the operation of the brain as well as the entire nervous system.

It thereby for this reason incorporate therapeutic musical tunes and also the usage of binaural audio technology making it an exceptional mental experience as a whole. It also does not require pre-requisite knowledge of the idea behind meditation.

List of Pros

  • The product is an easy and user-friendly guide to unleashing the potentials of the mind
  • It is considerably time-effective and does not require any extra lengths to make use of
  • It can be used by practically anyone who could be in need of it
  • It is compatible with a lot of devices
  • It helps to eliminate wrong beliefs and let go of negative emotions
  • It also teaches discipline as it takes much more than a few days to fully utilize, thereby placing control on the user’s schedule
  • It is affordable

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

Anyone can make use of the product. As already mentioned, it does not include any extra subtraction to one’s daily routine for the simple fact that it only takes an astonishing period of 7 minutes to listen to!

It is also compatible for all kinds of devices such as phones, tablets, even car stereos making it available on necessity.

The program does not require any awkward postures as well, and this implies that it can be used by even those that are disabled and handicapped, since all they need is to lie on their backs, and connect a headphone to their device.

Does The Product Work?

Scott Madison, the author of the audio book was originally an accident victim, he however used meditative
procedures and techniques to effectively cure himself of his condition.

The audio book is as a result of his extensive travels to countries like India, Cambodia and Thailand to study meditative techniques.

It includes three basic keys, the first being time, the second is the deep relaxation music which has been proven to be a stress relieving factor as well as help in lowering blood pressure.

It also serves as a stimulant to the autonomic nervous system, considering the scientific conclusion on the connection between music and brainwaves.

The product allows attention to be shifted from a strenuous to more calming state of mind.

The last key mentioned is the binaural audio tunes which include the production of sound waves the way the human ears hear it, this is believed to be able to effectively magnify relaxation, leading to; relieve from stress, acquisition of emotional strength, enjoyment of relationships and more general effectiveness.


The Seven Minutes Mindfulness package allows the user to fully access all the energy centers in the body. It
helps to alleviate physical, mental and emotional stress and pain.

It will also ensure positive energy flowing through the mind and body of the user considering its effectiveness as placing the emotional life of a person at peace.

It is therefore of high recommendation due to its repeated potency and application of modern technological feats in its program.

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