Power Quadrant System Reviews

DNA is the genetic code that determines what makes you, well, you. It uniquely identifies your characteristics as a human being.

What if these codes were the road map to your very existence? What if they contain the algorithm that leads you to the perfect life and to who you truly are?

Let’s go further still. What if your DNA locked in at birth could be plugged into an ancient Mayan calendar to decipher the secrets of your truth?

Over many thousands of years people used the codes inside the calendar for uncovering special talents, organising, planning and guiding a charmed, happy life.

Along came the Romans, making law their own Julian calendar and burying the ancient version beneath. The Roman calendar appears to be a fixer-upper, failing to contain the secret code, missing several days (see leap years), ignoring the cycles of the moon and originally skipping January and February as months – there were only 10!

More importantly it took away the ability to know such revelations as to whom you may marry and the perfect career with the biggest returns.

The Power Quadrant System takes us back in time to an ancient stone circle discovered in the 1600’s by Spanish Conquistadors.

The System does the work to help you decode the DNA of who you really are using the calendar. Consequently, you are released on to the right path to your true self.

It sounds intriguing, so let’s get stuck in.

Who Is the Author or Creator?

Ric and Liz are certainly in this for the long haul. The Power Quadrant System has been 10 years in the making, exploring and understanding the tiniest detail of the calendar and the DNA decoder.

The journey seems to have deeply affected them and created a yearning to share the secrets of the code.

Ric and Liz have come from a recent past of misdirection, frustration and a calling to find their own true nature.

Ric describes a disastrous working relationship with Liz and that they simply didn’t fit, when working together in their own company. The work flow of the day was wholly wrong and decision making difficult for both of them.

The business was crashing and burning around their ears and things came to a head at a product launch with Liz screaming “I can’t do this anymore”.

This was the fulcrum for them to re-evaluate their relationship and consult the calendar for the path forward, with startling results.

What Is Included in The Program?

The finished product is an easy to follow four-colour system packaged neatly into an affordable audio program and 7-page workbook.

It only takes 53 minutes to complete the audio to reveal your deepest secrets and path to true self. You can pop on the headphones, kick back in the arm chair and take notes, as you begin your journey of self-discovery.

The workbook is a handy companion to understanding the material, but not essential. I particularly liked that the program could be consumed in one sitting, like a sort of fast food, self-help experience!

Is It A Scam?

Well, it’s certainly a novel approach to self-improvement, however a few minutes of research into the history of the Mayan calendar reveal clear references to many areas of support, health and well-being.

It is a hugely complex mix of culture, history and astronomy that this system manages to deconstruct and present in a palatable form.

It’s pretty cheap too, which adds to the authenticity that Ric and Liz’s motivation is solely to get this program into as many hands (and ears) as possible.

If you’re still sceptical after taking the program, there is also the money back guarantee to alleviate any lingering doubts.

How Does It Work?

The audio track helps you to ascertain your codes that will guide you forward in your life. The key areas of focus are your life partner, career and interests.

Using the system your personality is then identified as the colour red, blue, yellow or white. Different personalities (or colours) are susceptible to friction or can promote harmony.

The program will help you to decipher those who may compliment or derail your path.


  • A tool for guidance when faced with difficult life decisions;
  • A life changer if you have courage to follow your true path;
  • A motivator if you find yourself stuck in a rut;
  • A great way to re-evaluate your relationships at home;
  • Clear strategic system based in extensive research;
  • Easy to follow and understand in one sitting;

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for The Product?

Firstly, I think that many people including myself would identify with Ric and Liz’s plight. When the situation was so tough they found themselves forced to seek clarity and a new path.

If you have lost your way and are drifting through your life and relationships, then the Power Quadrant System may be the ideal program for you.

Secondly, the first rule of self-improvement is extreme goal setting exercises, but this is very difficult if you just don’t know what you really want to do.

A reputable system to uncover the right way could provide foundations and self-confidence for the introvert with a reluctance to fly.

Lastly, I would recommend consulting the system if you are considering a major life or career change.

Getting an alternative perspective on the merits of your choices may just provide the affirmation that you require to go for your gut feeling. This may be especially useful if experiencing problems with your spouse or partner.

Does the Product Work?

Personally, coming off the back of a major career change myself I was pleased to gain the knowledge that my feelings were indeed leading me to make positive choices in line with my constitution.

I was always advised to follow my heart but maybe I’m really following my DNA? Different people will get different insights into their inner secrets.

The results for me made sense. The system helped me focus on the things that matter for me. The background and history provide real substance to the material and should help the user be much more inclined to follow their true destiny.


Ric and Liz have researched then documented the secrets of the ancient calendar and DNA decoder. It is presented brilliantly in a bitesize self-help package, at a sensational price. Go and walk your new path today!

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