Natal Destiny Paradigm Reviews

There are so many aspects of the universe that remain unknown for the human being. There are still so many mysteries to discovers and so many unknown forces we are still not able to understand.

There are some who firmly believe that the moment of the year in which you were born marks who you are to become, and some important aspects of your character or personality.

The horoscope “science” studies the position of the planets at the moment of your birth and how have influenced in your developing as a human being.

There are many skeptical people who don’t really believe in the power of celestial bodies over the destiny of people.

They hide behind the argument that there is no scientific proof of the veracity of these affirmations. Nevertheless, not everything in the universe can be explained by science. Not yet.

Moreover, the moon energy has been reported to have a powerful effect over the tides, and even women periods. Considering this, why can’t planet positions have an impact on how we become?

In this article, we are going to analyze the Natal Destiny Paradigm webpage to try to figure out whether their claims are true or just a fantasy.

What is Natal Destiny Paradigm About?

Natal Destiny Paradigm is an online, horoscope-like service that provides you with an analysis of your personality by only introducing some simple pieces of information about yourself.

The description is based in the position of the planets at the moment you were borne. Depending on the position of the planets in relation to the others you are given some character features that are supposed to describe who you are.

Who Is Behind It?

Natal Destiny Paradigm is just one of the services offered by the online site

Individualogist was created in 2013 with the aim to help individuals to find their own spirituality and internal growth.

One of their main claims is that the mind is a powerful and mysterious entity that can be hidden by our own consciousness. Individualogist guide their readers for them to find that hidden potential in order to empower them.

What Does It Include?

Apart from the Natal Destiny Paradigm program, Individualogist offers you the Find your Archetype Program for you to get to know better who you are and uncover hidden aspects of your personality.

This is one of the most important, most advertised ones, but there are more:

• Affinity Shift – this gives you information on which are the horoscopes signs that are more compatible with your own so that you know how to approach them in order to evoke love and affection in them.

• Natal Origins – this analyzes the history and features of the place you were born at in order to give you the tools you need to overcome all the obstacles you have ahead. In essence, this aims to orientate you through the crossroads you’ll encounter in life and help you make the right decision.

• Eternal Revelations – this is a package about secret aspects of you that you need to know to be successful in life. It is composed by

o Personalized sun sign report which talks about how the sun impacts your personality.
o Wealth Influences Guide (eight modules), that talks about every single aspect that has an impact over your personality.
o Love Influences Guide (seven modules), which analyzes the factors that influence your love life.
Moreover, you can also have access to a weekly horoscope reading and customer support.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The first thing you have to do when entering the page is answering some questions in order to create a personal profile for the professional astrologers that work for the page to start analyzing your personality. The questions are:

• Complete date of birth (day, month and year)

• Full name

• Marital Status – here you can choose between single, in a relationship, married, unhappy marriage, divorced or widowed.

• Current occupation – this goes together with the previous one, so I assume they give these the same importance. Here you can choose between: working for a company, running your own business, retired, unemployed and student.

• The next thing you are asked is whether you know the exact time of your birth. If you say yes, you are led to the next step, where you have to introduce the exact time of your birth. If you say no, you go directly to the next question.

• What is your current challenge? – this means what is most important for you at the moment. You can choose from:

o I want to have more wealth
o I want to experience true love
o I want to discover my true purpose in life
o I want to improve my health

• Gender – binary traditional gender classification: male or female

• City and country of birth

• Email – this is for them to send you your personalized reading, and probably, advertisements in the future

List of pros of Natal Destiny Paradigm

This site is different from others because:

• They offer you a free first reading so that you can check the quality of their readings before actually paying for their services
• They are not too general on their readings, covering specific aspects of your personality.
• The response is very fast
• Customer service 24/7 to solve any doubt you might have

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Natal Destiny Paradigm?

There is no age limit set in the page questionnaire. Everyone interested in astrology and wants to know more about the hidden aspects of their personalities and what factors are influencing them can have access to the page and start the process.

Does it Work?

I was a bit skeptical at first, but I have to admit that the personalized reading they sent me was very accurate. It gives a description of different parts of your personality based on your relationship with planets.

The sciences behind these readings remains a mystery, but if one thing is true is that their readings are very accurate and concise. They don’t use general information that can fit a lot of people at a minimum risk, but they go in detail.


If you are into this world and are looking for a serious, reliable site where to find the exclusive information about yourself, this is your site.

Moreover, as you can have a free initial reading, you can try it without compromise, and if you are not happy with the result you get, you can always cancel your account in your email and keep searching.

Nevertheless, is a good site that offers high-quality, informed readings.

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