Becoming Your True Self, Benefits of Individualism

You are ready to journey on the path to discover your personal growth, your own brand of creativity and spirituality. How will you begin this path and what does it really mean? You can find your unique and individual personality.

You have an extraordinary potential inside that is waiting to break out your own awareness to a more meaningful life. You are aware of it and you might not fully understand just yet that your Archetypal Initiation Cycle is beginning.

You have this intuitive cycle full of positive energies. They are coming from your Collective Unconscious and will allow you to unblock negative vibrations.

You have noticed these strange occurrences and probably others. You are transforming. You have so much at stakes such as your joy, happiness, love and wealth. You are about to emerge and enter your self-exploration. You are about to also encounter your own archetype.

What is this product about?

This product defines your individual, personal archetype and reveals the innermost core of your true identity. What is your archetype? Find out at where your archetype is determined by their Premium Archetypal analysis system quiz.

Who is the Author or Creator?

You may wonder who is behind this program. The team at is made up of practitioners, fans of spirituality or archetype fans. But you are the real creator of your own dreams, desires, friendships and destiny in your individual life.

You Wonder About Your Program?

You must identify your own archetype to use these products effectively and here is a description of the 12 different archetypes you could be from the quiz you take.

1. The Caregiver: You are compassionate and selfless and you will help anyone.
2. The Creator: You pave the road to life and dreams with creativity every day.
3. The Explorer: You crave adventure and make your mark on the world.
4. The Hero: You thrive on displaying your courage and you will perform acts of courage.
5. The Innocent: You are naive and easily impressed. You are also positive and optimistic.
6. The Jester: You live for the moment and have a bag full of jokes.
7. The Lover: You are emotional, romantic and sensual.
8. The Magician: You do not usually perform strong, personal connections.
9. The Member: You blend in with any group and are one of the most interesting archetypes.
10. The Outlaw: You control your own desires and nothing gets in your way.
11. The Ruler: You are a leader and take charge type of individual.
12. The Sage: You seek knowledge and wisdom and use every experience as a lesson of life.

You could learn from your archetype how to handle a situation in your life and then deal with it differently. It may be totally opposite than what you would normally think to do, but it is worth considering.

This could likely give you a fresh perspective and teach you that there might be new ways to cope with problems or obstacles, it can broaden your horizons to think differently and teach you to deal creatively with problem-solving.

You will receive self-improvement and discovery of self-programs. The first is the Premium Archetypal Analysis program that gives personal insights into your strengths, your tendencies and pitfalls you may encounter on your self-discovery journey.

The Secret Archetypal Collection has your love compatibility guides. They are: The Archetypal Love Compatibility Guide and another guide is The Archetypal Affirmations Guide.

They are your discovery tools for finding your personal compatibility with other archetypes. These guides are specific to your archetype and include affirmations that guide you through behaviour altering processes.

To receive the program that shows you an in-depth analysis of your hidden shadow– the area of your personality where your suppressed thoughts, traits and beliefs are hidden, you get the report, Diminishing Your Shadow.

You will learn from this report to encounter or understand and control your own Shadow. An important process to understanding your individuality.

Unlike the programs above, the next one is universal and not specifically related to anyone archetype.

The Supreme Mastery Code: Eclipse of the Ego, will show you how to reach your own true self. Your ego is what keeps you from attaining greatness. This audio program helps you break down the limitations you have imposed yourself to rise above your own ego.

The Tarot Symbols of Life program is for everyone and it is a written program that gives you guides, cheat sheets and worksheets to learn Tarot. The art of Tarot has many similar traits of archetypes and Tarot interpretations will help you guide your life.

Will You Find Individuation Works and is Not a Scam?

Individuation is seeking and finding your own psychological differences from everyone else. It helps you develop a personality unique from others.

It has the ability to holistically heal your physical and spiritual self. There is no scam involved in bringing out each person’s individual self.

Here are the pros of this process:

  1. You will enjoy freedom from the crowd consciousness.
  2. Your own destiny will become easy to obtain.
  3. You will find your personal wholeness.
  4. You will discover your own dreams and finally be able to realize them.
  5. Purpose and self-direction for your life can be obtained.

You are a Candidate for this Product

It will change your life!. That is not an empty promise from They prove it by bringing awareness to an individuals life, and by bringing certainty to your life about your actual and authentic self.

People who would like to embrace individuation are happy to be involved with this product. These individuals live their lives maturely, more harmoniously and they develop a better understanding of human nature and the universe.

Are You Wondering if this Product Works?

We all struggle daily to make others in our lives happy, our spouse, parents and friends. Our own needs and desires are forgotten or pushed aside, often a replacement by others desires.

This program works by opening the door that allows your inner selfs voice to let you understand what you really want. It is an entire journey to your individualized self-improvement.

Now you are ready to learn what you are purposely seeking in your life and find out which of the archetypes you are, you should go to to take their Premium Archetypal analysis.

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