Chakra Activation System Reviews

The product name, Chakra Activation System, is essentially how it sounds, it's a product designed simply to realign, or reactivate, your chakras through a systematic approach.

For those who aren't completely familiar with chakras, they are focal points, or “energy centers” located on your spine, and are known as your “subtle body,” which is one of a series of psycho-spiritual components of living beings.

Chakras are used in many ancient meditation practices, or Tantra, representing Hinduism and Buddhism traditions. The precise number of chakras we may harbor within us varies between the Indian teachings– one claims it's five while the other says six or seven.

Our chakras are ultimately a connection between the physical and spiritual fields.

Based on the teachings, when our chakras are out of line, then we will start to feel a sense of confusion, chaos and disorder in our lives, so this Chakra Activation System is a program meant to help you lose those feelings of confusion and chaos, and to help you get your life back in order.

This program is meant to be about unlocking a door to opportunity and abundance in your life.

Author/Creator of Chakra Activation System

The Chakra Activation System was created by Stephanie Mulac. Mulac's product was inspired by the seven-chakra approach, where your body harbors seven of these energy centers, or chakras.

Stephanie Mulac is what is known as an alternative healer, who claims that people need professional guidance to get in touch with and to realign their chakras.

So, she has created this guide as a way for people to do exactly that– heal their energy centers and improve their lives.

What's Included in the Program?

The Chakra Activation System doesn't just include the main guide within your purchase of the product, but it additionally includes the three bonus guides:

The Rainbow Meditation Audio Program, The 7 Yoga Positions that Heal and Tune Your Chakras and The Chakra Money Meditation. There are many different aspects that are discussed in the overall program as well, which include:

  • Root chakra, or source of happiness
  • Sacral chakra, or energy
  • Solar plexus chakra, digestion, energy level and vitality
  • Heart chakra, compassion, love and empathy
  • Throat chakra, self-expression
  • Third-eye chakra, or your actual energy center that controls your intuition
  • And finally, Crown chakra, or the connection you have with the source

How the Product Works

As previously mentioned, the Chakra Activation System works essentially how it sounds, it is a system of techniques that the author, Stephanie has laid out for you to follow.

By following this system, you will be able to connect with the chakras by helping you to establish synchronicity and living in harmony with the Universe.

The end result of this is to allow you to obtain more wealth, love, healthy mental and physical growth and good human qualities.

Ultimately, by the process of chakra alignment, you will be able to obtain these many positive aspects and establish a better, fuller and harmonious life.

However, as for this product truly doing what it claims to do is a crucial element that many take into account, but it does seem to have a lot of positive reviews.

It's really based on how the buyer uses it, perceives it and believes in it before it should be determined as a scam or not.

Pros of The Chakra Activation System

There is quite a numerous amount of pros surrounding this product, not only the ones listed below, but some of these pros include:

  1. It can be used by anyone
  2. It helps you to meditate, get in touch with your inner-self, focus, etc.
  3. It can enhance self-esteem and confidence
  4. It is informative, professional and well-designed
  5. It is reasonably priced and includes a lot for your buck
  6. It doesn't conflict with any current spiritual beliefs or religion

Ideal Candidates of This Product

The Chakra Activation System is typically ideal for anyone wanting to improve their lives, and who possibly already believes in the benefits of meditation, spirituality, chakra realignment and the many aspects that go along with it, etc.

It can truly be ideal for anyone, especially the people who are already spiritual. However, it would also be ideal for anyone wanting to learn about the power and energy of chakras, the various kinds of meditation and a basic understanding of forming a spiritual connection with your inner-self and the Universe.

Does the Product Name Work?

As mentioned earlier in this review, the Chakra Activation System basically explains what the program involves directly within its name.

So, the name truly works well for it– not only working to realign your chakras, but activating them by following a systematic and specific guide.

Upon shopping for general products that realign your chakras, and other elements within this package, potential buyers would instantly see this product and know that it probably delves deeply and professionally into the nature of chakra realignment.


The Chakra Activation System is a beneficial and rewarding product that has been known to truly improve people's lives to where they are living well-balanced and opportunity-filled lives after the use of the product.

Regardless of whether this product is known to take some time, effort and commitment to reach the real level of satisfaction with the use of it, the benefits of its serious use has been known to completely change people's lives for the better.

However, since this product involves some spiritual elements, it also tends to be more satisfactory and fulfilling to people who already practice some type of spiritual guidance or follow some type of belief system.

If potential or future seekers of this product are in any way doubting its legitimacy then it may obviously not be a good recommendation for them.

However, if you believe in the healing and amazing power of chakra realignment, and want to improve the quality of your life in the fullest way possible, then this product is definitely right for you.

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