Abundance Manifestor System Reviews

The Abundance Manifestor System is a program set up to help people to attract the things that they’ve always wanted in life. This program is said to help you manifest abundance and change your thoughts with the Law of Attraction.

Who Is The Author or Creator?

The Abundance Manifestor System was created by Cassandra Matthews. She is a woman who was overworked, unappreciated, in debt and caught in a bad marriage.

Cassandra was making everything in her life look fantastic on social media but it was all just for show. She believed that even though her life looked great that everyone else lives truly were great.

Cassandra Matthews worked with a well known hypnotherapist named Brennan who shared his hypnosis files with her.

These hypnotherapy files helped Cassandra to rewire her thinking. Brennan and Cassandra worked together to make the Abundance Manifestor System.

What Is Included In The Program?

Included in the Abundance Manifestor System is an instruction manual. There are six Multi-Stage Progressive Therapeutic Hypnosis mp3/audio files that were recorded by master hypnotherapist and NLP specialist Brennan, these files have Brain Entrainment sound wave technology infused.

There is also a Success Guide that outlines how the system has worked for previous people and how people can see success while using this program.

You will also get special welcome videos and a bunch of other bonus features included. You will also get a month of free access to the Premium section of the program.

This Premium 360 membership showcases a different area of your life each month and how to get the most abundance in that area.

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The Abundance Manifestor System is a system that helps to rewrite your brain so that you work with the Law of Attraction instead of against it.

This system is a brain hack so that you attract good things instead of repealing them. It is said to unlock real life manifestation in just 6 hours.

The technology that is being used in this program is Brainwave Entrainment technology and Progressive Therapeutic hypnosis.

These are special forms of sound-waves and hypnosis that will help you to be in a state of mind to have the energy to attract what you’ve been wanting.

The hypnotherapy audio files are said to help the limited beliefs and set patterns to be cleared away.

The audio files are 30 minutes each and you listen to them for 6 days straight, there is a different audio for each of those days.

List of Pros

  1. The Abundance Manifestor System is said to only need 30 minutes of your attention every day
  2. You don’t need meditation or spiritual experience to benefit from this program
  3. The instruction manual is easy to read
  4. The system is said to work in as little as 6 days
  5. It has a 100% guarantee and if you aren’t happy you can get a refund within 60 days
  6. This program is based on scientific facts
  7. The Abundance Manifestor System has hypnosis work by a hypnotherapist that is a part of the American Hypnosis Association with over 14 years of hypnotherapy work

Who is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The Abundance Manifestor System is ideal for anyone who feels that they have been wanting better in life and it hasn’t happened.

For people who are working themselves to the bone and they have nothing to show for it. This is definitely for people who have tried the Law of Attraction and gave up because they weren’t seeing the results that everyone else was claiming to attract.

Does The Product Name Work?

The Abundance Manifestor System is said to align, position and extract out real life results from anyone who uses it. It works on your energy levels that work with the Universe to attract things in to your life.

The system is said to remove limiting believes and unconscious blocks. The rewiring will shut down your friction and resistance to receiving good things.

There are said to be 1000’s of people who have gone through this program and are living better, more abundant lives because of it.

It is a program built on hypnosis work that is working to rewire your thinking. Even if you don’t attract the things that you are looking to attract, you can take 6 days and see if it clears out some of the things to keep you from advancing in your career.

You could take another 6 days of listening to the hypnosis audios and see if life feels a little easier and your energy and self image feel different.


The Abundance Manifestor System is a program that rewires the brain and thoughts to no longer believe that hard work equals rewards.

So many of us are working ourselves ragged because we’ve always thought that the harder we work the bigger pay-off we will get and most times this information isn’t true.

This system is said to work with just 30 minutes a day and you’ll see the changes within 6 days. This program isn’t wishy-washy in it’s lingo and is science based instead of spiritual based.

The program is $49, which is not a huge investment. It is processed through Clickbank and offers a 100% guarantee.

You have 60 days to use the program, if you aren’t happy can get a full refund within that time and that refund is with no questions asked. You can go through the 6 day program several times over in a 60 day period.

People are claiming that checks are showing up in the mail out of nowhere. They are getting promotions and raises that they didn’t even know they were available to receive.

Their relationships are so much better than they have ever been and they feel a lightness within themselves and that their energy levels are better than they’ve been in years.

This program is said to help people attract abundant wealth, health and happiness in to your life. People became happier, fitter, losing weight, healthier, attracting what they wanted and their finances were turning around.

If you are stuck in a rut, stressed, often sick, tired and are having issues with manifesting this is definitely for you.

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