The 67 Steps Program Reviews

When asked, everyone will admit they want a good life for themselves and their families. This includes good income, good health, and a reasonable level of prosperity.


However, only a small number of people ever get this satisfaction and most of the population is barely coping. In the United States alone, the average annual salary of the average American is a little above $50,000 while their debt registers around $200,000.

What this statistics shows is that many people are in bad shape and life is getting harder with each day. So how do you get out of the box and achieve good life? It has always been said
that change begins with yourself and your brain.

One must learn and acquire new skills and techniques of solving their problems and earning decent income with the least of efforts.

To speed up the process, you can follow various programs, read books, attend seminars and try to learn from the successful people around.

There are many resources, books, videos and programs aimed at helping people achieve various desires like good health, prosperity and contentment.

Finding them should not be a daunting task although not all such books are helpful. It is therefore important to keenly review all offers you get before spending money.

The 67 steps program is a recent entry in this category and has already spurred quite a reputation. Here is a descriptive review of the program including what it offers, its benefits and critical verdict:

What Is This Product All About?

The 67 steps program basically offers a path to good life through exposing ideas and techniques from some of the greatest minds in the world.

It explores books, video clips, seminars, resources and various insights from successful and genius minds.

This program is more like a platform that creates an awakening and introduces the average person to numerous resources, coaching sessions, books, media and inspiration as well as a functional plan to help them make better judgments and decisions that will lead them to their heart desires; love, wealth, health and happiness.

Who Is The Author?

This program is chiefly authored by Tai Lopez who shares the story of how he went from being broke to owning a Lamborghini and acquiring wealth possessions that no one would have expected him to own during his broke days.

He expresses the points with talk shows at TED TV and there are many other testimonials from other successful people who turned their fortunes around to become very successful, wealthy, healthy and happy.

What Is Included In The Program?

The 67 steps program offers 67 steps that will save you the time spent in a painful learning as you reach for a good life. It includes the 67 steps and a video archive vault with 100+ hours of video.

The video records calls Tai made when exploring insights and secrets within some 150 books about success.

It also includes a VIP membership to an all exclusive twice-a-month call from Tai Lopez as well as a “book of the year” premium video containing insights and summaries.

The program has lots of bonus information to help you speed up the process of prosperity and achieving health, wealth, love and happiness.


How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

As aforementioned, there are several programs, books and videos on prosperity and good life. While most of them contain helpful information, many are generic insights that are spanned from other existing works and do not call for premium fees or special recognition.

In simple terms, there are many scams in the market that claim to help you when they only add more expenses on your budget. So is the 67 steps program a scam?

Firstly, the program contains testimonials from known successful people who share their insights about how they turned their fortunes around.

It includes talk shows from TED and you also get exclusive twice-a-month calls from Tai who is the program’s author.

The insights are derived from top success and life coaching books in the market and all information given is accurate, intended to help people make the most of their chances and drastically change their lives to suite their goals and ambitions.

Scams take money and fail to deliver the promise. This program offers everything it claims. Nonetheless, you can only achieve your desires if you implement the necessary changes and remain determined to achieve good life.

If you just get exposed and fail to act on what you have learnt (which is very unlikely from the patterns humans exhibit) it will be difficult to notice any change.

However, it will not make the product a scam if you are the one adamant on implementing a change.

List of Pros

  • Includes insights from reliable 150 life coach books
  • Has high quality videos and testimonials from people who were just in your current situation but managed to turn it all around in their favor
  • Offers one-on-one calls from the creator and a premium book with summaries
  • Includes real workable insights and techniques for reforming your life towards good health, wealth, love and happiness
  • Is competitively affordable when compared to other offers in the market

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The 67 step program is ideal for anyone who is tired of their current existence and situation. If you feel the need to change things and get a better life that your desire and deserve, then this is the perfect program for you.

It will teach you how to work with what you have, learn from other successful people, acquire more helpful skills, achieve love, good health and happiness and acquire wealth.

Does The Product Work?

As aforesaid, the product is all about insight and information. It exposes you to a field of knowledge and secret ways to achieve your desires.

It is an eye opener to get what you want. However, no result will come without the needed work and determination.

You only achieve anything if you digest the insights, make necessary adjustments and begin to shape your life in a manner that supports your goals and objectivities.


The 67 steps program is highly recommended to anyone including those who have already attained a given level of success. It contains numerous insights from different types and groups of people.


It will help you realize new ways and techniques you can use to change your lifestyle, habits and efforts towards good life, health, love, happiness and wealth.

If you want to learn from the best minds in the world, this is the ideal program.

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